About Options Manual

www.OptionsManual.com was set up with a purpose and that purpose is to do with helping people, investors, traders and the world at large. The problem which we are eventually trying to solve is the education and enlightenment of the investing community about option strategies, leveraged trading, protective strategies and general investment strategies. Within optionsmanual, you will find articles that go beyond option strategies to delve into the mind of successful option traders and investors. Because it is one thing to know how to execute a bull call spread, but it is another to know when to use it, why to use it, the risk reward ratio and other factors which help option traders to be wildly successful. Those thought processes can be cloned and replicated for investing success. Successful option traders at the end of the day have an expansive view of the world.

It will take some effort on your part to be a successful options trader or investor using option strategies but the reward is well worth the effort. Kindly take your time to understand he basics of option strategies before diving into the strategies themselves.

Within our strategy road map, we discuss profit and loss scenarios, breakeven analysis, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, economic analysis and the step by step guide to executing a strategy. As far as we have seen, this has not been done before. And we believe that this will help in your investing education.

The best place to start is perhaps yourself. You have to know yourself, your quirks, your idiosyncrasies and more. Because when you know yourself, you know the entire universe. If you are a long term investor perhaps, you might want to deal with LEAPS. However, you may be a swing trader and as such you need technical charts to help you determine the general direction of the underlying security. Whatever it is, we have something for everyone. It depends on your inclination towards the markets.

Our Options Road Map discuss the following in great detail, step by step till you finally exit the trade. These are what is spoken about.

We also cover:

Our articles can also be categorized as experience based and  some take the form of case studies which I feel is really helpful in educating an investor or a trader. Whatever it is, we hope that you take the time to explore, compare and learn on this valuable website. We wish you all the best in your investing and trading journey. May you be blessed with wealth, abundance and prosperity!