High Volatility Strategies

High volatility strategies are strategies that require price movements in the underlying security in order to profit from them. The greater the volatility, the better a chance at profit.  This list below is a list of high volatility option strategies. Hence, option traders that use these strategies predict a fair amount of movement in the underlying security. These movements in the underlying prices can be caused by a multitude of factors such as earnings announcements, dividend announcements, dividend hikes, dividend cuts etc. Do have an in depth look at these strategies in the links below. In these strategy pages, you will be taught when to execute, how to execute, what to expect and look out for, profit and loss scenarios and how to close out a position. Be sure to read and understand them.

1. Execute A Long guts: Profit from increased volatility
2. Option straddle(Long straddle)
3. Option strangle(Long strangle)
4. Reverse iron butterfly : Take advantage of increased volatility
5. Reverse Iron Condor : Profit from increased volatility
6. Short butterfly/Short call butterfly with anticipatory high volatility
7. Short call ladder : Profit from increased volatility
8. Short Condor : Profit From Increased Volatility
9. Short Put Butterfly : Profit from increased volatility
10. Short put ladder : Profit From Increased Volatility
11. Execute A Strap : Profit from increased volatility
12. Execute A Strip : Profit from increased volatility