Secondary Informational articles

1. Understanding Risk/Reward Ratio For Option Traders
2. What does “net debit” mean in options trading?
3. What does “net credit” mean in options trading?
4. When to place a long straddle trade?

5. Wide Bid-Ask Spreads On Illiquid Optionable Stocks
6. Basic Economic Analysis
7. Liquidity
8. How Option Traders Can Increase The Winning Percentage Or The Probability Of A Positive Return On Investment

9. How Option Traders Can Use The Kelly Formula To Increase The Rate Of Return Of A Portfolio
10. If you bought this call option before earnings announcement, you would have made a killing!
11. Intelligent money management strategies for option traders
12. Learn how a professional options trader/hedge fund manager writes naked options to increase returns

13. Neutral trading strategies/non-directional trading strategies/ High & Low Volatility Option Strategies
14. How To Get A Better Buying & Selling Price Of An Option By Narrowing The Bid-Ask Spread
15. Buy OTM or ATM Options With The Outlook That It Will Eventually Become Deep ITM Options
16. Case Study: Using Call Options To Bolster Return. Learn How One Hedge Fund Manager Earned A 471% Return Using Call Options

17. Comparisons of long call vs long stock
18. Buy a call option before earnings announcement if you expect a price spike
19. Options traders should learn to use stop losses
20. Selling options
21. This is an example where a straddle may not be successful
22. Types Of Option spreads

23. Stock repair strategy : Reducing Average Cost Of Stock Ownership
24. Case Study: Warren Buffett Writing Put Options To Obtain A Lower Stock Purchase Price
25. Case Study On Economic Analysis : Fed Rate Hike Or Interest Rate Hike