Stock Options Basics

If you are new to options trading, you can start off here in a systematic way. Do read the following links.

1. The fundamentals of stock options
2. General Information On Buying options : Long Call & Put Options
3. Worked Example Of Buying Call Options
4. Worked Example Of Selling Call Options
5. Introduction To Buying And Selling Put Options
6. Understanding Option Strike price(Exercise price)
7. When Can An Option Be Exercised?
8. Option premium is the option price
9. Exercise And Assignment Process
10. Moneyness Of Options – The Relationship Between Exercise Price & Price Of Underlying Security
11. Understand That Option Buyers Exercise While Option Sellers Are Assigned
12. Understand option expiration and expiration cycles
13. Begin your options trading journey
14. Find a suitable options broker and brokerage firm
15. Learn to read and understand the options chain
16. Order entry
17. Understand the Terminology of options transactions
18. Types of orders option traders can use
19. Understand the fundamentals of margin requirements